Customer Testmonials

"Accelerated 6300-CX routers would pay for themselves during their first use. They’re not overly expensive devices. If it can keep us operational for four to six hours, so we can do a day's work, the damn thing’s paid for itself. As well as the occasional Internet outage, we do get minor hiccoughs from time to time at one or other of the two dealerships.

Even a short interruption means you become out of balance. So if you're non-operational, you're unable to do your work for two to three hours, then all of a sudden, you have to try and do 15 jobs within two hours and all these people arrive all at the same time.

They are the sort of things we've looked at and we've gone 'because of that, this is our failsafe' and we can just rely on that. By avoiding Internet outages, these Accelerated devices stop those bottlenecks happening, which is good for business and good for customers. One incident and it's paid back. I'm happy enough with that.”

Les Hogan, Essendon Renault

"Sadly we suffer outages with our DSL connection from time-to-time. The last outage was in October 2016 and lasted for a week before our carrier could make much-needed repairs. Before buying the Accelerated 6300-CX 4G LTE router this would mean we'd have staff and server infrastructure that couldn't access the internet from our internal LAN.

Thanks to our Accelerated 6300-CX 4G LTE failover router connected to our core network router, we failed over which meant our team kept working and email, VPN, http & DNS data kept flowing. The 6300-CX was around four times faster than our normal DSL connection."

David Malcolm, NPS

The Accelerated 6300-CX is the primary hardware we provide to our customers for the IoT application Wireless LTE Broadband Failover. The  Accelerated View™ is a great management tool so that we can get an overview of all our devices and their connectivity in one place. 


Forrest Derr, Altaworx