Accelerated 4G LTE CAT 6 Router and Cloud Management Features


Accelerated products deliver simple solutions that can enable greater connectivity for all of your machines and devices. Machine to machine communication and the Internet of Things are opening up new possibilities that can help businesses operate and connect devices more efficiently. Use Accelerated Cellular LTE Routers for either primary or failover 3G/4G/LTE connectivity, and stop worrying about losing your connection or sales due to downtime.

All Accelerated 4G LTE CAT 6 router products and accessories are designed in and certified for use in Australia.

The Accelerated Advantage

  • Primary and backup cellular connectivity where and when you need it
  • Fully responsive cloud based management, monitoring and reporting
  • Simple, secure and managed in the cloud
  • Eliminate downtime and outages
  • Easy to deploy, put in a SIM and plug it in
  • Secure communication to your remote sites
  • Always stay connected

Accelerated Concepts design their hardware products in Brisbane and are proud to be an Australian technical innovation company.

Accelerated products use high quality integrated 4G  LTE-CAT6 and provide value with:

  • Up to 300 mbits / second with 6350 series router (that's faster than the NBN!)
  • Routed or bridged mode for connection sharing or use with corporate router
  • Remote deployment and management using Accelerated View
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) showing data usage with configurable alerts
  • GPS / Mobile location - track your devices on line
  • Integrated high quality antennas - or deploy external antennas
  • Passive PoE
  • VPN connectivity
  • Failover for wired services ensuring business continuity

Accelerated 4G LTE routers are designed for professional use, low deployment cost, remote management, reporting and integration of groups of Accelerated 4G LTE routers into a single pane of glass enabling management of your data costs.

Our 4G-LTE CAT 6 routers are perfect for the following environments:

  • Pop up shops and other locations needing immediate broadband access
  • Retail environments reliant on cloud services for POS (Xero) etc
  • Medical Clinics that must be on-line at all times to access patient records
  • Financial
  • VOIP based PABX systems that rely on outbound TCP/IP connections
  • Access to cloud based PABX systems
  • Manufacturing
  • Enterprise failover from wired to wireless in the event of copper / fibre faults
  • Any business that requires reliable and continuous Internet connectivity

We can help you with everything Accelerated, from purchase to installation support, post sales configuration support and so on.

Email sales@acau.com.au for more information and we'll have one of our pre-sales experts contact you.